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Comfort foot

How to make boots feel comfortable

For winter sports, hiking, racing, cycling, everyday…

Skiing should be enjoyable but lots of skiers experience pain and discomfort because they don’t have the right boots for their feet.

In our INTERSPORT Les Saisies stores, we don’t just sell boots – we use our vast experience and our boot adjustment workshop to give you the perfect combination of comfort and performance.

This is achieved with boot fitting: “A solution for every customer”

The basic principle of boot fitting is to focus on each skier and on the individual morphology of their feet. Boots are then adjusted and customized by using global solutions which prevent discomfort to your feet.

  • Foam injected liners
  • Heat moulded insoles
  • Heat moulded liners
  • Deformation to adjust the shape of the shell
  • Adding pads and working on the volume of the liners

In association with ARTFEET, we have developed FINSTEP ski insoles which fulfil the specific needs of skiers and of Boot fitting. Come and try a pair and your feet will never want to wear anything else again!

We sell comfort, warmth and precision…we don’t expect you to just pick a pair of ski boots off the shelf. As soon as you are at our BOOT FITTING workshop, you will be looked after by our technicians who will determine your specific needs and give you individual advice so that you the choice you make will be the right choice.

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It is amazing how many people come to see us because they have bought boots from non-specialist retailers – boots that are too big or not suited to their abilities or to their morphology. Because your satisfaction is our main priority, we are happy to correct and adjust your boots until they fit your feet perfectly. If you find that problems persist despite our help, we guarantee to take your boots back and to refund your money. This way, you know that we really do care about what we do! We can’t offer a better service than that!


Every season, we are trusted by numerous ski instructors, competitors, ski patrolmen and other professionals on the resort. We have a quality-certified label because of our professionalism and our savoir-faire. We have gained our experience by selling nearly 3000 pairs of ski boots every year. Our savoir-faire means that we are recognized as being one of the best known names in France.