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Equipment maintenance

Ski maintenance

A regular maintenance of your equipment is 100% pleasure!

At INTERSPORT Les Saisies stores, every skiing equipment is maintained after every release. 
All our shoes of rent are disinfected and dryed with our Montana machine, answering the national standards of hygiene.

For your comfort and your security, our store adhere in NF standard X 50-007 of the Federation of Sport stores.

The basic steps of ski tuning

At the INTERSPORT Les Saisies stores, the following steps are taken to keep your skis in good condition:

Gouges on the base of the ski are filled with P-tex (melted plastic) and, when necessary, by using the Wintersteiger Laser 50 base repair machine which automatically finds the places that need filling. For smaller repairs, filling is done with a welding gun. Once the substance has hardened, the excess is grinded off with a machine.

Grinding and ceramic disc finish

A digital machine first flattens and structures the ski so that the base will glide more efficiently. The ski is fed into a ceramic disc finishing machine to form its final structure. The structure is formed beforehand by our technicians with adequate diamond stone dressing depending on the level of moisture content in the snow.

Edge sharpening

Then, the edges are sharpened with a precise setting for the base edge angle. It is important to scrape away any excess metal filings with a gummy stone.






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FartageThe last step in tuning is the application of wax which will enhance the quality of gliding.

A nylon or brass brush is used to refine the structure.

The Intersport Les Saisies, on Sandy Baptendier advice, former member of the French Ski team, also provide a manual preparation service in their workshops for your racing skis.