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Choose your ski

When you rent skis, there are a vast choice of models and categories, at all the prices.

The Blue and Red skis are adapted for the easy turns.

The Red and Black skis are powerful for the carving, the freeride and the fast descents.

Give all information to the salesman concerning your level and the type of ski which you would like to practise. You do not over-estimate.

The length - the shorter the skis are, more it is easy.

Thanks to the revolution in the field of the carving, the skis are from now on much shorter. In general they arrive between your nose and your face. 
Your level, the size of the skis, your weight, must also be taken into account.

Among juniors, they are rather short, more handy and more flexible than the skis for adults. The new skis turn more easily than the traditional right skis. It is to better choose skis profiled for the children because those do not put the legs at hard test.

The bindings

Your weight, your level, the length of sole of your ski boots, all your medical antecedents and the type of ski which you all intend to practice are of the determining factors.

For your safety, our technical advisers skis will adjust your bindings according to standard AFNOR NF X 50-007.