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Protect your children

A guarantee of professional quality service at Intersport

The helmets 

It is strongly recommended to the children to carry a helmet. 

You ensure that it is the good size and that your child can see on the sides and hear the noises neighbourhood distinctly... 

In our stores, the helmets are disinfected and dried after each use.

Suitable sunglasses/googles and masks:

Your child’s pupils are delicate and can be damaged by the glare of the sun on the snow. So it is vital for children to wear sunglasses/goggles or masks (depending on weather conditions). In our store, we have a large range of sunglasses/goggles and masks from leading brands which are specifically adapted to children.

Sun cream with different factors depending on the period:

It is fundamental to protect your child’s skin from the damage caused by sun rays and by the glare of the sun on the snow to prevent sunburns.

In order to do this, we have an extensive range of sun creams at the store which vary depending on your child’s skin type and on the period of your holiday because the glare of the sun on the snow is different for every season.

Gloves waterproof (Gore-Tex®):

To protect your children from the cold, don’t forget to give them watertight winter gloves or mittens that breathe and, if possible, that are made from Gore-Tex. Gore-Tex keeps hands warm and dry during and after any physical activities so they’ll be able to skilfully practise their favourite sports.