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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have reserved some equipment and I’d like to know if there are any documents that I’ll need to show at the ski store on the resort. 
As soon as your reservation is confirmed, you must print your voucher. This is an essential document that you will be required to show when you go to collect your equipment from the store.

I’ve been asked to pay a deposit for the equipment that I’d like to reserve. How do I pay for the remainder of the cost of the hire?
The outstanding amount of your ski hire must be paid at the store when you go to collect your equipment.

Is it possible to pay for my ski hire equipment with holiday vouchers? 
Yes, you are certainly can pay for your ski equipment reservation with ANCV vouchers. 
HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE: The amount that you send must be the EXACT amount that is requested at time of order. We advise you to send holiday vouchers that are worth less or the same as the requested amount and, if necessary, to send the rest by giro or bank cheque. Don’t forget to mention your confirmation number.

I made a reservation for some ski equipment and I couldn’t print the voucher. 
You can check your reservation and print your voucher by going to the “CUSTOMER AREA” section in the Intersport RENT menu of the website and by entering your email address and the password that you chose when you made your booking.

I have paid the deposit on my reservation and I have received my voucher but I’d like to change the boot size for one of the skiers for their ski or snowboard equipment. How can I do that?
In the “CUSTOMER AREA” section of the Intersport RENT website, you can change certain aspects of your order (size, boot size, skiing ability).

I reserved some ski equipment and I made a mistake in the dates of my holiday as I’d like to collect the equipment on Sunday instead of on Saturday. How can I do that?
You don’t need to change your reservation when there is only a difference of one day. We advise you to contact the store on the resort before you arrive and to inform them of this request.

Why can’t I choose my own arrival date which is a Wednesday in February? 
In most stores, arrival dates always have to be Saturdays or Sundays during the French school holidays.

Is it possible to hire ski equipment for just one day? 
No, on our Internet website, the minimum hire period is 2 days (6 days during French school holiday periods). You can, however, hire equipment for just one day directly at the store.

If I make a reservation and I change my mind, canI cancel some or all of the equipment that I have booked?  
If you subscribed to ELVIA cancellation insurance when you were making your order and if you are within the cancellation policy conditions, you can contact ELVIA (tel. : +33 (0)1 42 99 03 95, email : or fax : +33 (0)1 42 99 03 25). They will take the necessary action to refund the paid amount and to cancel your order.  If you did not subscribe to cancellation insurance, the order cannot be refunded (see article 10 of the INTERSPORT RENT terms and conditions). 
However, if you chose to pay by cheque and you haven’t already sent the payment, the booking will be automatically cancelled because it won’t yet be a confirmed booking.

The equipment (Skis, Snowboards, Ski-Boards, Boots, Ski poles) :

What happens if I find that my boots are too small and that I need a larger size when I arrive? Is it possible to change them?
You try the ski or snowboard boots on before leaving the store so you’ll be able to change them straightaway if they are not the right size. Usually, ski stores have enough equipment to let you swap for something else if necessary. You won’t need to pay a supplement at the store if the category of hire that you settle on, is the same category as the one you reserved. However, if you do change category, the renter at the store can ask you to pay a supplement.

Can you guarantee that a particular model of skis or boots will be available? 
No, unfortunately, we can’t guarantee the availability of an exact model. 
The models that you can hire are those that are shown on the website or are similar to those shown.

Are ski poles included in the hire? 
Yes, ski poles are always included in ski hire.

Is it possible to hire skis without boots? 
Yes, you certainly can hire any type of Skis or Snowboards without the boots. The equipment is displayed in full by default so if you do not wish to hire the boots, just untick the box next to the boots by clicking on it.

Is it possible to hire just a helmet? 
No, it is not possible to book a helmet without any other ski equipment on the Internet website. You can, however, hire this type of equipment directly at the store.

Is the equipment that I hire insured against theft or accidents? 
No, but most INTERSPORT stores offer a theft/damage guarantee.  This guarantee must be taken out at the store when the equipment is being collected.

See "Damage and theft guarantee"