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General conditions for Internet rental

1. The rental is effective from the moment the client takes possession of the equipment in the INTERSPORT Les Saisies shop, for the term indicated in the rental contract.  The rental ends on the date and time indicated in the rental contract.

Available booking periods are proposed threw a calendar in which unavailable days to start or end booking are crossed and inactive.

The risks will be transferred upon handover of equipment to the client who shall assume full responsibility for the equipment, and shall always use with reasonable care.  The rental contract is valid only for the term of the rental.  If the client retains the equipment longer without having regularised their position, he or she shall lose all guarantees foreseen in the rental contract.

2.Collection of the equipment rented is the responsibility of the individual responsible for the rental, in the shop where the rental contract is signed.

In the case of delays in the collection of equipment rented, the client must inform the local shop as soon as possible.  The equipment will thus be kept for the client for up to 24 hours. After this time, the equipment shall be rented, without any indemnity being due to the client.  The product must be returned to the site where rented.

The rental price is determined by the range of equipment, reservation period and day of booking.

General conditions : the INTERSPORT Les Saisies common fare is available for any booking made until 30 days before receipt of equipment.

A 30% deposit is payable upon reservation.

Prices mentioned on the website can be modified at any time. Bookings will be paid at the price mentioned at the time of reservation.

INTERSPORT Les Saisies special offer can not be cumulated with any other offer (such as discount coupons, etc.)

You can only get a promotion for a rental for one week on shop prices (Promotions details).


The client may pay for the reservation directly on line, using VISA, EC (Eurocard) or MC (Mastercard) and indicating the 16 digit card number and expiry date.

Only CB, VISA, EUROCARD or MASTERCARD cards issued in FRANCE, or international networks working in conjunction with GIE Cartes Bancaires, can be accepted. The order thus validated by the client on the website will only be effective if the central credit card network gives its approval. If such approval is refused, INTERSPORTSERVICES reserves the right to cancel the reservation. If this should occur, the client will be contacted by email or by telephone as rapidly as possible.

The data relevant to the credit card will not be saved any longer than is necessary for the reservation.

1.The client certifies his/her ability to use the equipment rented for his/her personal use. The parties expressly agree that the loan or sub-letting of the equipment rented is strictly forbidden.

2.The client shall use the equipment rented with prudence, without any danger to third parties, in conformity with current regulations.

The client shall keep the equipment constantly in good care and use and maintain it in accordance with the rules of use. No guarantee can cover a future default in the adaptation of the equipment rented to the specific needs of the client or any other adjustments than those made by the INTERSPORT Les Saisies shop.

The INTERSPORT Les Saisies shop will not be responsible for delays in availability due to reasons beyond its control, especially in the case of accidents, delays in the return of equipment from previous rentals, changes to the regulations, act of God, strikes, etc.

However, in the case of non-availability, the INTERSPORT Les Saisies shop will offer, according to availability, equipment of the same or superior quality for the same price.

The client shall return all equipment clean and in the state in which it was rented.  Any reservations regarding the state of the equipment must be indicated on the contract at the time of signature. 
The client may be requested to pay a deposit equivalent to the normal price of the product including tax. The deposit will be issued as a cheque, a bankcard imprint or a pre-authorisation of withdrawal. The deposit cheque will be returned upon return of the equipment, except in the case of repairs as indicated below.

The INTERSPORT Les Saisies shop reserves the right to request that the client produce two proofs of ID before accepting the deposit cheque.

1.The client shall pay the costs of repair or replacement of the equipment rented, no matter what the cause of the repairs, except for normal wear and tear.
The repairs shall be made only by the renter, at the client’s expense.

2.All equipment and accessories whose repair is technically or economically not feasible must be paid to the INTERSPORT Les Saisies shop by the client at replacement value, which is the equivalent of the price of sale including tax less 15% for obsolescence annually from the date of purchase of the equipment by the INTERSPORT Les Saisies shop.

Without prejudice to the execution of the obligations arising from this contract, the client benefits from the following provisions, except in case of fraud:

1. Unless the client has signed the waiver for “theft and breakage” cover foreseen in paragraph 2) below, the client does not benefit from any cover for all damages suffered by the item rented and shall be personally liable for the aforementioned damages, whatever their cause. However, the client shall not be held responsible for the consequences of hidden defects in the equipment rented or use different from that for which the equipment is designed, if the client can demonstrate such defects.

2.“Theft and breakage” liability: the client may, if he/she so desires, upon taking possession of the equipment, stipulate insurance payable in advance and billed in accordance with the conditions indicated in the shop. In this case, the renter shall abandon all  recourse against the client and shall take responsibility for, in the case of normal use, all costs for repairs or replacement after deduction of an excess equivalent to the price of a 7 day rental for identical equipment. The payment of this excess shall be in addition to the payment of the days of rental used.

In order to allow the enactment of this guarantee, the client must:

  • in case of theft: provide the shop, within 24 hours, with the original of the theft statement, issued by the local police.

  • in case of breakage: return the damaged equipment, which should be recognisable and complete, to the INTERSPORT shop.

3. The loss and disappearance of the equipment are not covered.  In this case, the equipment will be billed to the client on the basis of the sale price of the equipment including all tax, with a deduction made for obsolescence at 15% annually.

4.In the case of theft by the client, misappropriation or damage of any kind to the equipment resulting from non-respect of the rules of use or the current regulations, or the terms and conditions of this contract, INTERSPORT may request total damages.

The equipment can be returned only during the opening hours of the INTERSPORT shop.
For reasons of security, the client shall indicate to the renter any shock sustained by the helmets.

The client may not remove or modify the ownership labels and inscriptions on the equipment. The equipment may not be transferred or replaced in guarantee. Generally, the client shall endeavour not to grant to the equipment rented any rights, real or otherwise, to the profit of anyone, likely to affect enjoyment or reduce availability or ownership of the renter.

The client has 7 days from the date of signature of this contract to withdraw.  If this period occurs over a public holiday or day of closure, it shall be postponed until the first following working day.

Before receipt of equipment:

The full amount paid will be reimbursed in the case of retraction within the legal time limit or a death in the family of the client causing the holiday to be cancelled (upon presentation of a death certificate).

The reimbursement shall be made by bank cheque.

For any other case of cancellation taking place before receipt of the equipment, the full amount of the deposit is kept as a handling fee.

After receipt of equipment in the case of accident or death during the rental period:

The conditions of rental shall remain applicable. Only the equipment rented by the individual concerned can be returned and billed as a pro-rata (upon presentation of a medical certificate) of a week's rent divided by 5 and multiplied by the number of days actually used, 5 euro will be required whatever the various changes of file.

Seasonal risk:

In the case of TOTAL shutdown of the ski facilities normally available in the location of equipment rental, and only in this case, the days of rental concerned will be deducted.

Upon completion of the rental period, foreseen in the contract, in the case of non-return or in the case of non-payment of a partial invoice, the client shall remain responsible for the equipment in his/her possession.
Its return is obligatory at the end of the rental period foreseen as set out in article 314-1 of the New Criminal Code, without it being necessary to send a formal warning by registered letter and without the client being able to invoke any impediment.

This contract is subject to French law.  For any litigation whatsoever regarding this contract, the competent Court shall be that for the registered office of the company which owns the  INTERSPORT Les Saisies shop having delivered the equipment, to which the parties attribute exclusive competence.

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